Coolah Memorial Swimming Pool

Pool Size:

600,000 litres

Size of Heliocol System:

35 HC50, 12 HC40, 8 HC30

Pumping Equipment:

2 Astral FX-340 Pumps (Split system, no access to 3-phase power)

Solar Control Mechanism:

2 MS3D Controllers (Split system, no access to 3-phase power)

The manager of the Coolah Memorial Swimming Pool in Coolah, NSW wanted to extend the swimming season for patrons, keeping solar pool heating on the pool upgrade “wish list” for for a few years.

By combining a government grant with local swim club fundraisers, the pool manager and the Warrambungle Shire Council were able to secure funding for solar pool heating and they reached out to Heliocol Solar to complete the project.

Heliocol Regional Manager Paul Verheyden performed the roof and pipe measurements on site, then designed the system in his office. Due to limited roof space, Heliocol installed panels on three separate roofs, creating two independent systems.

The installation further required cutting 6 metres of concrete and 20 metres of trenching. 240 metres of 50mm Class 12 PVC pipe was used for the installation.

The system was fully installed during the off season, the first week of June 2017. Normally, the pool would open on the long weekend in October with a water temperature of 19-20 degrees. After installing the Heliocol Solar Pool Heating system, the pool opened one month earlier in early September with water temperatures at 24 degrees. Over the October long weekend, the pool reached 26 degrees.

Another great example of Heliocol Solar Pool Heating extending the swim season and improving the overall swim experience with free heat from the sun.

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