Double your swim season

Heating your pool with Heliocol solar panels is a sound investment in your home, health and lifestyle

Using free solar energy, Heliocol extends your swim season allowing the entire family to enjoy more time in the pool. “The Heliocol Solar Experience” makes morning exercise, afternoon pool parties, and even late-night swims possible for many more months of the year.

A Great money saver

Solar pool heating reduces water heating expenses by over 50% since the rely on the sun, a free resource, after the initial setup payment. Unlike gas or electric heaters, solar heating is a remarkable money-saving choice.

Minimal maintenance

Apart from the primary significance of heating the pool to your desired perfect temperature and the initial cost of installation, the maintenance of Heliocol solar pool heating doesn’t require servising.

Environmentally friendly

GO GREEN! Use of the sun’s natural energy makes the solar heating system environmentally friendly. Along with saving energy, using solar panels to heat the pool substantially decreases emission of greenhouse gases.

Durability and warranty

Our Solar Pool Heating systems, known for their durability, are built to endure extreme weather conditions. They require minimal maintenance and backed by a 25-year warranty a comprehensive warranty.

Building or Renovating a Pool?​

Whether you’re constructing a new pool or giving your existing one a refreshing makeover, consider incorporating solar pool heating into your plans.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to double your swim season by investing in a cost-effective, sustainable, and eco-friendly pool heating solution.

Home with Solar Pool Heating

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