Heliocol can pay for itself within three years!

To reduce the rising of worldwide energy costs, solar heating provides significant financial relief to commercial pool operators

From small domestic systems up to an Olympic pool type system, solar pool heating will Return your Investment within 3 years. Hundreds upon hundreds of commercial pools around the world and Australia have been heated by Heliocol. Its highly regarded performance, durability and low maintenance requirements make Heliocol the ideal choice.

In Australia, Heliocol consultants are factory trained:

To assess the needs of commercial pool operators

To make recommendations based on years of experience

To ensure that the chosen system is installed by trained staff

COMMERCIAL SOLAR POOL HEATING​ - swimming pool panels cost

Indoor Commercial Pools

Outdoor Commercial Pools

COMMERCIAL SOLAR POOL HEATING​ - solar panels cost pump

Commercial Pool Heating Case Studies - Heliocol Solar Pool Heating

Wyndham Vacation Resorts

Indigo Shire Council Pools

Fleurieu Aquatic Centre

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