Elliot Gardens Retirement Village

Pool Size:

100 sqm

Size of Heliocol System:

35 x HC30 Heliocol Collectors

Pumping Equipment:

Astral BX 2.0hp

Solar Control Mechanism:

Commercial 3 Phase with Flow Switch, Motorized Valves, Pump Delays

In 2011, the Elliot Gardens Retirement Village requested Heliocol South Australia to assist in ways to reduce their community pool heating costs. The Village was using an electric heat pump to heat their pool. Due to the rising costs of their electricity bill, they needed a way to cut costs.

Heliocol South Australia designed a solar pool heating system that could be used in conjunction with the existing heat pump and in turn save 30-40% on the current electricity costs.

In 2012, the Village decided to accept Heliocol South Australia’s design which would very quickly get a return of their investment.

The Heliocol solar panels were mounted on the roof of the building which incorporated the pool. Some of the roof area had skylights which could not be covered.

A specially designed solar controller was installed in the plant room. The solar controller incorporates a motorized three way valve in conjunction with a boost pump via the existing filtration system to maximize thermal performance. The solar controller would switch off the electric heat pumps when solar energy was available and revert back to the heat pumps when solar energy wasn’t available.

The Village has found that they have substantially reduced their electricity costs and the savings made will pay for their Heliocol system, in only 2-3 years. With a 25 year warranty on Heliocol solar pool heating panels, that adds up to huge savings over many years.

This commercial project was designed and overseen by Heliocol South Australia Distributor Wayne Greenhill with assistance from his solar consultant/installer, Barton Sundqvist.


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