Geelong Grammar School Toorak Campus

Pool Size:

Main Pool: 25 x 10 m, Learn-to-Swim Pool: 10 x 5 m

Size of Heliocol System:

Main Pool: 72 HC50, Learn-to-Swim Pool: 20 HC50

Pumping Equipment:

Main Pool: Astral BX 4hp 3phs, Learn-to-Swim Pool: Astral BX 1.5hp 1phs

On the 15th February 2017 Heliocol Victoria signed an instrument of agreement for supply and installation of solar pool heating for the new wellbeing centre at the Geelong Grammar Toorak campus in Melbourne.

In conjunction with Heliocol and the architect, the product specified was 72 HC50 high-performance Heliocol collectors for the main pool and 20 HC50 high-performance Heliocol collectors for the learn-to-swim pool; both installed as separate systems on the roof above the indoor pools.

Installation of the solar array and associated pipework began in June 2017 and the work on the roof was completed ahead of schedule, much to the builders’ approval.

Pipework to the plant room was not installed until August due to other trades completing their work on the building and this was in line with the construction schedule.

The pools were filled with water and the pumps for the solar heating were delivered and fitted at the same time, the controls managing the solar input are incorporated into the plant management software and are fully automatic.

The system was test run and inspected in September 2017 and approved and the solar heating system commissioned and handed over to the project builder ahead of the scheduled completion date.

The students of Geelong Grammar now enjoy the benefits of multiple swimming programs integrated with their school education curriculum.

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