Hamilton Harbour

Pool Size:

110 sqm

Size of Heliocol System:

36 x HC-50 Collectors, total coverage 166 sq. m

Pumping Equipment:

Hurlcon BX 2hp Single Phase Pump

Solar Control Mechanism:

Dontek Aquasun 3

Solar Heating System For Pool – Hamilton Harbour

Heliocol’s Brisbane Representative, Glen Charlton was contacted by Surfside Pools Commercial in February 2012. They were designing a 180,000L swimming pool for Devine Constructions for the Hamilton Harbour Development in Brisbane. They had a major issue for the heating of the pool. There was no gas available and not enough power available for electric heaters so they asked Glen to solve this
problem for them. During 2012 Glen had several meetings with Surfside Pools Commercial, Devine Constructions and their Architects. Their major requirement was to have the system provide the longest possible swimming season to their clients.

During these meetings, several changes to the design of the roof and color were made at Glen’s suggestion to help achieve the results being sought. After analyzing many factors, including pool surface area, pool volume, roof area, and installation requirements, Glen designed a system that was 150% of the pool surface area to provide maximum performance and the extended season sought by the developers.
Glen’s proposal was accepted and the Heliocol Solar Pool Heating system was installed. 36 x HC-50 panels were installed in series/parallel configuration.

heating system for pool - solar panels cost

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