Indigo Shire Council Pools

Pool Size:

Both Pools: 25 m x 10 m

Size of Heliocol System:

Beechworth: 42 HC 50 panels Yackandandah: 6 HC40, 66HC30

Pumping Equipment:

Beechworth: Astral BX2.0hp 3 phs pump Yackandandah: Astral BX 2.0hp 3 phs pump and Astral CTX 400 single phase pump

Solar Control Mechanism:

Both Pools: Heliocol V7-1 with relay contactor and flow protection

Indigo Shire Council in the high country of Victoria called for tenders in July 2017 to supply and install solar heating at their Beechworth and Yackandandah outdoor swimming pools.

Through a local conduit, Heliocol Victoria were contacted to submit a proposal to remove the failed strip product at Beechworth and install new heating systems at both Beechworth and Yackandandah. Detailed information was put together on the Heliocol product and a long-term solution was offered to Council via their tendering process.

Numerous items such as installation on multiple roof areas, reduced time frame for installation, frost damage prevention, local environmental considerations and delivery of peak performance all had to be taken into account.

On the 4th September Heliocol Victoria was notified it had been selected from multiple tenders to complete the project as requested and a letter of award and a purchase order was issued.

A Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) was developed to cover many aspects affecting the works at both sites and a method of action to ensure adherence to the plan when and where applicable.

Work began at Beechworth late September and continued through to completion in early October when henceforth work began at Yackandandah and was completed later that month. Both projects were test run and commissioned in early November in time for the season opening at both centres.

The residents of both towns have since enjoyed the comfort of higher pool temperatures and the Indigo Council has witnessed record attendance numbers this season stating that it is obviously due to the solar heating; a wonderful endorsement of the council’s investment and Heliocol performance.

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