Lameroo Public Pool

Pool Size:

420 sqm

Size of Heliocol System:

75 x HC50 Heliocol Collectors

Pumping Equipment:

Astral BX 3.0hp

Solar Control Mechanism:

Commercial 3 Phase with Flow Switch, Motorized Valves, Pump Delays

Heating System For Pool – Lameroo Public Pool  – #1  Global Solar Seller

In 2013, the Southern Mallee District Council requested that Heliocol South Australia replace their existing rubber solar matting collectors with Heliocol solar panel collectors at the Pinnaroo Public Pool.

In May 2015, the Council invited Heliocol South Australia to tender for a complete solar pool heating system at the Lameroo Public Pool, some 3 hours drive from Adelaide.

As the successful tenderer, Heliocol South Australia was engaged as the supplier/installer. The pool itself is approximately 420 sqm in size. Following consultation with the Council, it was determined that there was
insufficient existing roof space to mount the solar panels. A ground-mounted rack was recommended to mount all of the Heliocol solar panels. The rack itself measures approximately 12m x 33m.

In August 2015 the Heliocol solar system was installed, taking only 3 days to complete.

A specially designed solar controller was installed in the plant room. The solar controller incorporates a motorized three-way valve in conjunction with a 3hp boost pump via the existing filtration system to maximize thermal performance.

This commercial project was designed and overseen by Heliocol South Australia Distributor, Wayne Greenhill with assistance from his solar consultant/installer, Barton Sundqvist.

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