Minda Home & EFM Centre

Pool Size:

Approximately 210 sqm

Size of Heliocol System:

42 x HC50 Heliocol Collectors - 195 sqm

Pumping Equipment:

Astral Maxim Pump 4hp

Solar Control Mechanism:

Dontek Commercial

Solar Pool Heating – Minda Home Efm Centre – #1 Global Seller


The pool is used by the residents of the Minda Home and also by the EFM Health Club.

Heliocol South Australia was specified by one of Australia’s leading engineering consultancies, FMG Engineering, to replace the deteriorating rubber strip, and solar collectors, with Heliocol solar panels and also update the existing solar pumps and controller in the plant room.

The pool was previously solar heated by the older style rubber strip matting which had been leaking severely and had damaged the existing iron roof which also needed replacement.

The existing rubber strip collectors were removed and the Heliocol solar panels were mounted on the new roof.

The Heliocol solar system consists of 42 x HC50 solar panels which are fed by a new solar pump and controlled by a new Dontek commercial solar controller incorporating a motorized diversion valve and a replay to turn off/on the existing gas boiler when solar energy is available thus maximizing energy efficiency. This enables the pool to be used 12 months of the year.

The installation of the solar pool heating was commissioned in 3 days.

The project was designed and overseen by Heliocol South Australia Distributor, Wayne Greenhill who was assisted by his solar consultants/installers Barton Sundqvist and Tom Pink.

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