Monash University Pool

Size of Heliocol System:

pool 1-81 HC50 Collectors, pool 2-72 HC50 Collectors

Pumping Equipment:

Two Hurlcon 1.5hp Pumps

Solar Control Mechanism:

Two Dontek controllers with flow switch protection for main pumps,

The projects and facilities department at Monash University in Clayton, Victoria was directed by management to complete a green energy audit of the University complex and facilities. Among the findings, the heating of the two indoor pools at their Doug Ellis Swimming Centre was identified as a major ongoing running cost which could be substantially reduced by successfully implementing solar pool heating.

Heliocol Victoria’s proposal to Monash University demonstrated how this could be best achieved with an analysis of their existing system’s performance, together with data on Heliocol’s performance, durability and quality certification on the product.

After a lengthy inquiry period including product qualification and evidence of previous project history, Heliocol Victoria won the tender to complete the project over numerous competitors. The work commenced in May 2008 with the removal of the existing rubber strip solar heating system which had failed to deliver a maintenance free operation.

Two separate systems were independently installed for the two pools and two 1.5 HP single phase pumps were fitted to each system. The pumps were also controlled automatically with flow switch protection and a gas lockout feature on the existing gas heater for maximum solar contribution.

The project was completed in July 2008 and has been an ongoing success for the University and a great testament to the performance and durability of the Heliocol product and to the professionalism of Heliocol Victoria.

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