Pinnaroo Public Pool

Pool Size:

220 sqm

Size of Heliocol System:

48 x HC38 Heliocol Collectors - 168 sqm

Pumping Equipment:

Existing Solar Pump

Solar Control Mechanism:

Existing Controls

Heliocol Solar Pool Heater – Pinnaroo Public Pool

The Pinnaroo Public Pool is located approx 200 km from Adelaide, South Australia. The pool is used by the local community and the local tourist park.

Heliocol South Australia was requested by the Southern Mallee District Council in November 2013 for a quotation. Two weeks later the quote was accepted by the Council and the installation was completed in December 2013.

The pool itself is approx 220 sqm in area and was previously solar heated by the older style rubber strip matting which had severely deteriorated with leaks throughout the collector strips. The existing rubber strip collectors were removed and the Heliocol solar panels were mounted on the roof.

The Heliocol solar system consisted of 48 x HC38 solar panels which were fed by the existing solar pump and flow/ return lines.

The installation of the solar pool heating was commissioned in 2 days, throughout 40-degree weather conditions.

The project was designed and overseen by Heliocol South Australia Distributor, Wayne Greenhill with assistance from his solar consultants/installers, Barton Sundqvist and Tom Pink.

Heliocol South Australia was proud to be associated with this project and was also very appreciative of the support of the Local Council, especially their Environmental officer, Harc Wordsworth.

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