The Bluff Resort Pool

Pool Size:

90 sqm

Size of Heliocol System:

22 x HC40

Pumping Equipment:

Astral 2.0hp

Solar Control Mechanism:

Aquasun 3 with Wireless Roof Sensor

In late 2014, Heliocol South Australia, requested by a Renewable Energy company to supply a quote to replace the old style rubber matting solar pool heating collectors at the Bluff Resort Pool.

The Resort had decided to follow the path of energy conservation and employed the Renewable Energy Company to supply both solar power for electricity and seek out the best system to replace its poorly performing existing solar pool heating. Also it was required that a different location be used for the pool heating.

In January 2015, Heliocol South Australia was selected to replace the existing rubber matting, with Heliocol solar panel collectors.

Since a different roof area was to be used to mount the 22 Heliocol solar panels, the existing solar return and feed PVC lines had to be extended from their existing location. The new roof gave better solar exposure but consideration had to be given of positioning the Heliocol solar panels, as air conditioning units were on the roof plus electric solar panels are to be mounted at a later date.

The existing solar pump and solar controller were not in working order, so Heliocol South Australia also replaced them.

The new Heliocol solar panel collectors have a 25 year warranty and resistant to high winds which are prevalent in the area, so the Bluff resort can be assured of many years of trouble free efficient solar pool heating.

The project was designed and overseen by Heliocol South Australian Distributor, Wayne Greenhill with assistance from his solar consultant/installer, Barton Sundqvist.




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