Wyndham Vacation Resorts

Pool Size:

75 sqm, volume 90,000 litres

Size of Heliocol System:

82% Solar Coverage

Pumping Equipment:

Utilized Existing Pool Pump

Solar Control Mechanism:

Dontek V7

Pool Heating Systems – Wyndham Vacation Resorts

Wyndham Vacational Resort Kirra Beach contacted
Heliocol’s Gold Coast representative, Glen Charlton in
July 2012 to see if solar pool heating could be adapted to their current gas pool heating system. Their main focus was to reduce their gas bill and their carbon footprint.
Glen designed a Heliocol solar pool heating system that would fit onto their small gymnasium roof. The system had to look very neat as all the balconies of the 14 story
building looked straight down onto the roof. The hotel
management and the body corporate were confident that the neat appearance of Heliocol would satisfy this
The pool was already being heated to 28 degrees by a Raypac gas heater. Heliocol fitted a Dontek H7-SV solar
controller with an Automatic diverting valve allowing the water flow to the solar collectors to be controlled as required. The solar system either preheats for the gas heater in the cooler months or fully heats without using
the auxiliary heater in the warmer months. By using this automatic valve system, Heliocol was also able to utilize the pool’s existing heat circulating boost pump and
eliminate the running costs of an extra pump.
Even with the small roof area available, Heliocol was able to install 4 x HC50 panels and 11 x HC40 panels to
effectively heat the 90,000-liter pool.
The system was handed over to Wyndham Vacational Resort engineers who are very pleased with the system’s
installation, the results achieved and the easy operation.
Wyndham Vacational Resorts are a worldwide resort chain. They submitted an article in their in-house newsletter to tell the world just about their Heliocol Solar Pool Heating experience.

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